EDAMA association held its latest power breakfast event sponsored by

EDAMA association held its latest power breakfast event sponsored by “the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature”. On the discussion panel was H.E. Khaled Irani, Dr. Dureid Mahasneh EDAMA chairman as a moderator, Mr. Samer Judeh on behalf of Jordan Wind Project Company, Mr. Ibrahim Khader from BirdLife, and finally Mr. Yehya Khaled- General Director from RSCN.

The discussion inaugurated an interesting lay out of the mandatory guidelines by the Ministry of Environment for Wind projects in Jordan, in order to ensure the safety of birds, seeing that bird flyways and the location of the most suitable spots in Jordan to generate clean energy intersect. Therefore, there must be special attention paid to protecting birds, and producing green energy as well.

H.E. Khaled Irani mentioned the importance of RSCN contribution to monitor the production of clean energy being produced using wind turbines in addition to protecting the birds, whereas Mr. Yehya Khaled, confirmed the integral role of the RSCN in supporting Jordan with a balanced environment, as we reap the socio economic benefits from protecting birds and producing clean energy.

Mr. Ibrahim Khader from BirdLife, enlightened us with the importance of having information on how birds are effected by the wind turbines and their inability to maneuver in case of having wind being generated from Wind Turbines.

all in all, It was an eye opening discussion, the information presented by key stakeholders on the discussion panel enriched the audience with a better understanding for a very critical issue and that is protecting our environment. A social responsivity all Jordanian citizens must adopt